About The Archives 

On March 11, 2000, the newly formed Public Records Commission met and established the Moore County Archives. The Commission minutes read, "There are lots of old documents and record books that have no place to be kept so that the public has access to them." The Commission contacted County officials and began to gather records to be located in the Moore County Building. The Moore County Archives office is the official depository and research facility for County records, operating under Tennessee State law and the direction of the Moore county Public Records Commission. The Archives mission is to preserve and protect the records of Moore County, make them accessible to government agencies and the public, and to communicate the need for preserving Moore County’s written history for the future. With volunteer help, Moore County funds, and grants from the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Moore County’s small archives facility has grown from one to two rooms, and has become a gathering and preservation home for records and a meeting place for people who are interested in researching the history of Moore County and its families.